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#1 Geology people love

Geology people love


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    Posted 24 August 2011 - 04:33 PM

    tap 1: Imagine a fault surface on which there are four different overprinted sets of slip lineations.the surface is oriented 341/47°9strike/dip).A geologist recorded the following measurements to describe four sets of lineations.
    47/051(lineation 1);
    68/000(lineation 2);
    47/051(lineation 3);
    34/000(lineation 4).
    a)Assuming that the planar attitude was measured correctly,determined which lineation measurements
    are impossible.In other words,which lineation(s) cannot possibly lie in the specific plane(indicate why for each case).
    B) Assuming that the measurement 1 is correct, does it indicate movement pareallel to the strike of the fault (strike-slip movement) or movement parallel to the drip of the fault(drip-slip movement)? Draw a block diagram to demonstrate your point of view.

    Bai tap 2:you have a map on which the localities of three landmarks:a house [A], a telephone pole [B],and a sign [C] are located (figure 1).you are standing on an outcrop in the map area but do not know exactly where the outcrop is.Call the position of this outcrop ‘ point X ’. Define the location of the outcrop on map whit respect to three landmarks, given: A to X: 133˚, B to X: 180˚, and C to X:230˚.figure 1.Determination of an unknow point (X) by three-point singhting approach point A,B,C are landmark and their bearings to point X are given above.




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